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What benefits of chlorophyll for the gut?

Chlorophyll is like the blood of the plant. It’s the green plant pigment. There are some interesting potential healing properties in chlorophyll. The chemistry of chlorophyll is actually very similar to our blood, but chlorophyll has magnesium, and our blood has iron. 

When you have gut issues, consuming certain greens can irritate the colon. There are different chemicals in vegetables, like lectin, that can irritate the gut lining. The fiber in vegetables can also be an issue for certain gut problems. 

But, juicing greens that are low in lectins and oxalates or a green juice powder (wheatgrass juice powder) without the fiber could give you the chlorophyll you need without the potential problems. Chlorophyll can be a great therapy for the gut as long as the lectins are on the low side and there’s no fiber. 

Benefits of chlorophyll for gut issues:

1. It may help improve or restore dysfunction in the tight junctions

2. It can support enterocytes (intestinal cells)

3. It may help slow down the formation of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) and cirrhosis in the liver 

4. It can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory 

Last updated: Oct 01, 2023 16:38 PM