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What can a person do after an ischemic stroke?

What I would do in that situation is I would hopefully you are on the (19:33) ketogenic diet, the healthy version, and doing intermittent fasting. But the other thing I would do is I would start him on tocotrienols. That will actually help the circulation in the vascular system in your brain and all through the arteries. I would also recommend methylene blue, 40 drops a day in water. Probably put it with electrolytes because it doesn't taste that great, but the methylene blue is fascinating. It works deep in the brain cells and other cells in the mitochondria. They give it oxygen. In fact, it's one of the remedies that doctors recommend if you have a stroke because it actually helps to repair the damaged cells and neurons and bypass the damaged cells and just give it oxygen. And it's like a sponge. It cleans up a lot of things that are creating problems without giving you too many big words.

I would also vitamin E, which is the form of tocotrienol, methylene blue, and garlic.Garlic is also anti-thrombosis and then the ketogenic diet.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2024 14:10 PM