Natural Remedies

What can help as natural erectile dysfunction supporter?

In many cases, people with erectile dysfunction have normal hormone levels. But, they also typically have high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, or are smokers.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest signs of peripheral artery disease.

Other symptoms of peripheral artery disease can include:

• Cold feet

• Painful legs

• Cramping in the lower legs

• Color changes in the lower legs

• Slow healing

• Loss of hair on the lower legs

It’s crucial to fix the root cause of erectile dysfunction by healing the endothelial layer. Getting on the keto diet is one of the best things you can do to start addressing this issue.

In the meantime, several natural remedies for erectile dysfunction can be combined into one simple drink.


• 1 cup of juice from watermelon rinds

• The juice of one medium beet (or two tsp. beet powder with eight oz. of water)

• 1 cup celery juice

Optional ingredient:

• Dark, leafy green vegetables

Blend the above ingredients and drink one glass of this remedy every morning for four to six weeks. Nose breathing and exercise may also be beneficial to help with erectile dysfunction. It’s also important to note that viewing porn may lead to porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 14:22 PM