Advanced Digestive Enzymes

What can help with inflamed intestines?

This remedy can be used for conditions such as:

• Gastritis

• Irritation in the esophagus

• Ulcers

• Hernias

• Diverticulitis

• Crohn’s disease

Antibiotics are a common treatment for digestive problems. But, antibiotics can have side effects. We’re going to look at a natural alternative for intestinal inflammation that won’t sterilize the body or diminish and change your microbiome. This remedy will actually support your relationship with your gut microbiome.

The best natural remedy for inflammation in the digestive tract is cabbage juice. Depending on the severity of your inflammation, you may want to consume one cup to one quart or liter of cabbage juice a day. Just make sure it’s fresh raw organic cabbage juice—it can be green or red.

Cabbage, in general, seems to be the best food for people who deal with digestive issues. Cabbage has four interesting factors that can help support the digestive tract, including:

1. Vitamin U

2. Sulforaphane

3. Vitamin C

4. L-glutamine

Last updated: Dec 20, 2023 20:49 PM