Estrogen Balance with DIM

What can help with varicose veins?

Veins only pump blood when there is muscle movement. So, a sedentary person may have more problems with their veins.

Any obstruction in your liver, like scar tissue or fat, can also cause a problem with your veins. This obstruction can not only lead to varicose veins but also affect the veins in your esophagus and the lining of your stomach.

High estrogen can also affect the vascular system and can lead to varicose veins in women and men. We really want to focus on the issues with the lower legs, where the vein circulation isn’t moving. This is called chronic venous insufficiency.

Along with red vine leaf extract, you may want to try doing more rebound exercises and walking regularly—stay active. If you have a liver problem, an excellent natural remedy is TUDCA. If you have a problem with excess estrogen, you may want to try DIM.

Last updated: Mar 24, 2024 20:08 PM