Natural Remedies

What can I do for a bladder infection?

One really good remedy is to take something called methylene blue. Take it in the morning, 20 drops in a glass of water. It doesn't taste good. So put some electrolytes in there. And then use a straw or your lips will turn blue and then it's going to go in your body. And it's between the first and second or third day, you notice that your urine is going to be green because when you add yellow to blue, you get green. It's a really good noninvasive way to help bladder infections because you have all this blue dye. That's a very antimicrobial. That's going to wipe out the bad guys in your bladder. It's a really good way to do it. Methylene blue is one of the first drugs that was ever prescribed, but you can get it over the counter.

Last updated: Apr 01, 2024 14:26 PM