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What can I do for a fibrous lung condition?

Managing Fibrous Lung Condition

If you're dealing with a fibrous lung condition akin to COPD, consider these professional recommendations to support your respiratory health:

1. Environmental Factors: Ensure you're in a clean, less polluted environment to reduce inflammation.

2. Tocotrienols: These potent antioxidants can help prevent inflammation and support lung health. They are significantly stronger than tocopherols.

3. Vitamin C: Opt for a natural, non-synthetic form of vitamin C to bolster your immune response and combat oxidative stress.

4. Pneumotrophin PMG: Consider supplementing with Standard Process' Pneumotrophin PMG, taking three doses daily as recommended, to promote lung strength and stability.

These strategies can aid in managing your fibrous lung condition by addressing inflammation and supporting overall lung function.

Last updated: Jun 22, 2024 02:41 AM