Natural Remedies

What can I do for abdominal pain?

A couple of things that are really going to help you is to go find a product called TUDCA. It's a type of bile salt that I think would help your liver. It increases the flow so you can actually start to digest better. I would also start taking betaine hydrochloride just one with a meal, and slowly increase it because we want to reestablish the pH of the stomach so you can start breaking down proteins. You can start to have a barrier in your stomach to kill microbes because if you don't have the right pH all sorts of things can invade and create infection. Stress, by the way, paralyzes the immune system and it throws off all the things that I'm talking about.

The third thing is Natural Vitamin B1. B1 is the one that supports the parasympathetic nervous system, which is behind stress, but it's also behind feeding the vagus nerve something called the acetylcholine to help it work, especially in not just your stomach, but the small intestine. The vagus nerve is primarily 100% parasympathetic which means that's the opposite of the flight-or-fight mechanism. It's all about rest and digest.

The last thing to eat, I would recommend eating things that are more with probiotics naturally whether it's kimchi, sauerkraut, you should have that with every single meal just a little bit to start reestablishing your microbes in your gut, and then do whatever you can to resolve that stress.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:03 PM