Trouble with Keto?

What can I do for calf cramps on keto?

You need some minerals. Typically it's going to be a deficiency of magnesium. It could be a deficiency of potassium and potentially it could even be a problem with calcium. It's one of those three. So that's what you need to do is to increase the electrolytes. That's why I always say the electrolytes are key when you're doing keto because you're going to dump all this extra fluid. So it's OK if you have the fluid, as long as you have the electrolytes too because if you dump all this fluid and you don't replace those in your fasting, you could be deficient. And that can show up as a cramp in your calves or even the middle of night, you're pointing your toe. And as you get this cramp, that just is a killer.

Then one last thing about that, your pH, if the pH is too alkaline, you might not be able to absorb these nutrients, too. So that's another root cause. Outside of vinegar is a great way to increase the absorption of some of these minerals.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2024 14:05 PM