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What can I do for elevated alkaline phosphatase?

So one thing about the liver is it really doesn't give you any symptoms until later. It's kind of good that this showed up just so you can start working on your liver. The liver is the only organ that can completely 100% rejuvenate. It's rough, it's rugged. So I would start taking milk thistle right away. That's one thing. And TUDCA, which will help to thin the bile because that liver enzyme is usually involved with a backup of more of the bile ducts and that which the Tudka is a natural way of thinning the bile, but then the milk thistle will actually protect the liver and bring down those enzymes. And then of course, I'm assuming you're doing the healthy version of ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. Hopefully you are and you can.

If you get on a ketogenic diet, you're going to find your liver enzymes probably will be much, much better in a couple of months because reducing the carbs is going to take a big stress off the inflammation in the liver. And one thing that's cool, if you do have any fat in the liver, which I don't know if you do, you have to do an ultrasound for that. You'll find that within even two weeks, you can reduce like 50% of the fat off the liver if you do the ketogenic diet correctly.

There's a lot of things you can do for the liver, but I would stick with the TUDCA, the milk thistle, and I would do low carb and then get it retested. I think that enzyme will come down, but there's not a lot of things you can do medically to reverse liver disease because everything is involving toxicity. So really the natural way is the best way to approach this. And a lot of the foods that are good for the liver are like the persimmons, vegetables, microgreens, sprouts, and healthy proteins like eggs and things like that too. Eggs are really good for the liver. And so is grass-fed beef. That's really good for the liver too because it has the choline, which will protect the liver. Those are the things that I would suggest. And I think that can turn things around for you.

Now, because the uricidal does water down the bile, should I stop that and just take the TUDCA? That's a really good question that I can't tell you not to take it, but I would just research the side effects from that and then research TUDCA. And then you make up your own mind based on the data because I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you look at the wider viewpoint on this and side effects and benefits.

Last updated: Mar 15, 2024 14:07 PM