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What can I do for gastroparesis?

It's an autonomic nervous system problem where usually you can get that from diabetes because you destroy the nervous system, especially you get dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system and that involves the digestive system. You could also use alpha lipoic acid. That's a good one to counteract the complications from, especially if you have diabetes.

But I think for gastroparesis, which is a real slow sluggish digestive system, all affected by various nerves, including the vagus nerve. So do alpha lipoic acid and you can take benfotiamine, which is the B1. If there's any type of neurological stuff that needs B1 for the brain, the central nervous system, not the peripheral, you don't need benfotiamine that won't work. What you do need is a different, it's called allithiamine, which is a natural B. it's a natural B1 which is also fat-soluble, but that's a different one. B1 and Alpha Lipoic acid are going to be the best thing.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2024 20:38 PM