Natural Remedies

What can I do for my six-year-old with constipation? She has been given Miralax but it's not helping.

Miralax medication has a lot of side effects. And for some of that young to put someone on the medication instead of what is that child missing? Do they have enough potassium in the diet? Potassium is very important. Vitamin B stimulates the peristalsis. So I would first get them on the correct diet. I would also make sure part of that diet includes maybe some fermented foods like maybe pickles that would be good, or maybe a probiotic. And if that didn't work after fixing the diet, getting rid of the refined grains and sugars can help. I would give them a very gentle maybe herbal laxative, maybe something like a Smooth Move Tea just enough to keep things going. Not a real strong one but just a mild one.

Last updated: Apr 22, 2024 15:00 PM