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What can I do for restless leg syndrome?

What you're gonna have to do to fix this is you're gonna have to get on the basic healthy version of the ketogenic diet that I recommend because you're taking the remedies, but the foundation isn't created enough. Those refined carbohydrates in the form of the rice and the pasta unfortunately deplete you of vitamin B1, not to mention potassium, so really it's the B1 that you need because that actually helps you get rid of the, what's called lactic acid in your legs, but if you're still doing the carbs, that is going to kind of negate or nullify those supplements. So this is gonna be very, very simple, get off those carbs and give it a little bit of time and then watch what happens to your restless legs because I used to have that condition really bad to the point where I was pounding my legs at night.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:33 PM