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What can I do for the symptoms of sciatica?

I think the sciatic nerve is composed of more than one nerves, and it branches from your lower lumbar to the lower sacrum, and it comes out through a little, it bundles into one nerve, which is the largest nerve of the body, and it comes right up through your butt and up through a little notch that goes down the back of the leg.

So usually what happens, there's some type of pinching in the lumbar area, could be part of a protruded disc or some scar tissue in that area. What you can do is you can keep that curve arched inward. You want to take a lumbar support or some type of cushion or foam roller, lay on your lower back to keep that curve in there, because when you lose the curve, you start putting undue pressure on that lower back.

There's also certain vitamin deficiency things that can be related to that as well. But I think the most important thing is to keep that curve in there. And you don't want to necessarily stretch your hamstring on the same side. You have that pain. You want to stretch in the opposite way.

So if you were to stretch your thigh muscle, that would give you probably more relief. But I will say that long-term sitting or driving just can really aggravate that static nerve.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:27 PM