Natural Remedies

What can shrink an enlarged prostate?

Symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia:

• Frequent urination (especially at night)

• A weak stream

• Dribbling after urination

• A sensation that you can’t fully empty your bladder

Excess estrogen increases the size of the prostate. Estrogen also increases prolactin, which can increase the size of the prostate. Estrogen is a byproduct of testosterone in both females and males. To convert testosterone to estrogen, you need an enzyme called aromatase. The testicles and fat cells make aromatase.

Phytoestrogens can mimic estrogen, but not very much. To shrink the prostate naturally, we want to inhibit aromatase to decrease estrogen production.

Top things that increase aromatase:

• Age

• Body fat

• Insulin

• High-carb diets

• Alcohol

• Whole grains

• Hormone replacement therapy

• Birth control pills

Things that decrease aromatase:

• Cruciferous vegetables

• White button mushrooms (sautéed)

• Flaxseed

• Green tea

• Citrus peel

In addition to losing weight with Healthy Keto®, reducing insulin, and consuming cruciferous vegetables, you can try a fantastic natural remedy for an enlarged prostate that involves citrus peel.

The best natural remedy to support prostate health:

Add a whole lemon and a glass of water to a blender, and blend it for about 30 seconds.

Then, blend again with about five to ten drops of liquid stevia or 1/2 to 1 cup of blueberries. You can have this at any time of day—enjoy!

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 14:19 PM