Advanced Digestive Formula

What causes abdominal pain?

A few lesser-known things that can lead to abdominal pain are:

1. Low hydrochloric acid

2. A bile deficiency

3. A problem with the pancreas

4. A lack of enzymes

5. A lack of friendly bacteria

Other common abdominal pain causes:

• Food allergies

• An intolerance to certain foods

• Sensitivities to certain foods

• Enzyme inhibitors

• Antinutrients

• Inflammatory foods

• Synthetic fibers

However, the three main root causes of abdominal pain are:

1. Frequent eating

2. Grains and seed oils in your diet

3. Antibiotics and other medications

The best things to do for abdominal pain:

In the upper right quadrant: • Take TUDCA on an empty stomach • Take bile salts with meals

In the lower quadrants: • Consume fermented foods or a probiotic supplement • Eliminate dairy (for the prostate, uterus, or ovaries)

Last updated: Nov 13, 2023 18:48 PM