Trouble with Keto?

What causes bad breath on keto and fasting?

Sometimes, you know, I notice when people have that they're not doing the version of keto that I recommend. They're doing more dirty keto, which helps you lose weight. But what's unique about the keto that I recommend. It's very different. I'm recommending a tremendous amount of vegetables and, you know, things with your proteins and high quality. Honestly, I've never had anyone complain about bad breath if they do that because they get the chlorophyll which purifies everything. You get to use those vegetables to clean out the liver a bit more than you would if you're just doing pure proteins.

I mean, even when I do carnivore, for example, I just feel a bit sluggish and I I feel like there's just too much waste from that protein that's generated. So our body can take a certain amount of like protein and then the rest is either has to deal with it or it's because protein is not stored or turns in the sugar. So I think I would just reevaluate the type of keto you're doing and make sure it's the version that I recommend. And you may want to consider even getting my book and I explain everything in there as well.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:13 PM