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What causes chest pain due to costochondritis?

Costochondritis is also called costosternal syndrome. With this condition, there’s pain and tenderness upon palpation. In most cases, a cause can’t be identified unless there’s trauma. But, what if there’s no trauma, no lung infection, and the person doesn’t have shingles? What’s going on? 

Two potential causes of costochondritis:

1. Low Vitamin D 

2. A Problem With the Liver or Gallbladder 

It’s important to note that if the pain is on the left side, that could potentially relate to your heart. But what if you get that checked out and it’s not connected to the heart? Even pain on the left side could potentially be related to the pancreas. Both pain on the right side and left side could easily be connected to a problem with digestion. 

Potential natural remedies for costochondritis (related to the liver, gallbladder, or pancreas):

• Take betaine hydrochloride (3-5 before you eat) 

• Take purified bile salts (on an empty stomach in the morning, after lunch, and in the afternoon) 

Talk to your doctor before taking anything new, and rule out other problems like heart issues before trying to self-diagnose. If nothing else seems to help and you can’t find anything wrong, you may want to look at a vitamin D deficiency or a problem with the liver or gallbladder. 

Last updated: Jan 13, 2024 16:35 PM