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What causes high cholesterol?

Well, probably because you're burning fat and guess what's in your fat cell.You have a portion of it's cholesterol has to come out. What gets rid of the excess cholesterol is the bile salts. So that would be the liver.

There's all sorts of things that you can improve your cholesterol levels with niacin and bile salts and, you know having a bit more leafy greens, but typically I wouldn't worry about it because, this is the confusing area for most people with cholesterol. They have this idea that this keto will increase my bad cholesterol. So I'm going to avoid it.Well, please, before you avoid it, get all the details. We have tons of videos on this topic. Try to make it simple. There's a couple of different types of LDL. It's not just one LDL.

There's one that's more pathogenic, the one that can be, that can go into the cells. And unless you do like an advanced lipid profile test, you won't be able to pick up the difference. You're just going to look at total LDL. It doesn't tell you what's going on. I mean, even just think about the purpose of LDL, this so-called bad cholesterol. It delivers cholesterol into the tissues. Now don't we need cholesterol for cell membranes to make hormones, to make vitamin D, to make bile.

So unless we have that delivery system, how are we going to do that? So we need LDL. And especially if someone's going through an infection stress or a menopause, their demand for the cholesterol and those hormones are going to be higher. So it's going to go up. Is that a bad thing? No, we just have to look at the whole picture. And so to base cardiovascular risk on this one little biomarker is really, it's kind of like saying, okay, Steve, you're at the number of ashtrays you have in your house puts you at risk for lung cancer because we have this correlation is people that die of lung cancer have a lot of ashtrays in the house. So therefore ashtrays cause lung cancer.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:48 PM