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What causes stinky odor after urination?

If you are not on a ketogenic diet and you’re not doing intermittent fasting, but you’re getting a stinky urine odor, it could be a urinary tract infection, liver damage, eating the wrong foods, or not having enough vegetables.

If you are on a keto diet, it could also be ketones that aren’t being burned. This often happens if you’re still adapting to keto. Keto adaptation can take several weeks. Over time, you will burn those ketones, and they won’t cause an odor.

If you have an ammonia smell, it could be that you’re consuming too much protein, or you have liver damage.

Here’s what you can do for a strong urine odor:

1. Liver support - consume plenty of healthy vegetables (beet tops and dandelion greens)

2. Fluids - drink plenty of water throughout the day

3. Adjust proteins - lower your protein (3-6 oz is plenty)

4. Chlorophyll - wheatgrass juice powder is a great source of chlorophyll

Last updated: Aug 14, 2023 14:36 PM