Natural Remedies

What could cause chronic mucus drainage, and how can I stop it?

It sounds like there's like this infection and this can happen if you had some type of earlier infection in your sinuses and even have that treated, especially with people that have like nasal type surgery. Where they take out some of this mucus membrane, you lose the probiotic, the good bacteria in your sinuses. Now you have this problem with this infection. If we take away any type of seasonal allergy a lot of people have like year-round fungal infections in their sinuses.

So what can you do to stop that? You can treat it and kill off these microbes, but they come back. A better approach would be to try some probiotics for your nasal passages and I've done videos on this too. You do not do this straight right from the jar but if you dilute a couple drops of kimchi juice apparently there's some interesting properties in there and do a nasal kind of irrigation that can maybe put some of that microbe back in there. There's certain products you can buy as well related to that but I would add a probiotic to your sinuses to help counter this post nasal thing. Which usually comes from a chronic fungal thing.

In addition to that I hope you're on the keto and no sugar because that feeds the fungus and the yeast and the mold. And then also there's several nasal cleanses that you can do with salt water and various things to put in there. But you want to keep that probiotic and also you want to take certain things that will indirectly help, garlic and onion. Those are natural antibiotics.

Last updated: Apr 10, 2024 14:04 PM