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What could cause frequent recurrence of the flu?

If you're taking this supplement, especially D and even B12, and you still test deficient, there's a condition. It's a DNA problem. And the term you can look it up. It's called polymorphism, where some of your genes are altered in a way that makes it very difficult to absorb vitamin D. In fact, I recently looked at the 23 people, I think it was roughly 23, could be 24. But people that I tested with the DNA, and 100% of them had at least one gene that was not allowing them to either absorb vitamin D or convert from the inactive to the active.

Now, that was a small sample, but still, so you may have some genetic problem that prevents you from absorbing those two nutrients, which are very common issue. So the solution is to take more of it. Take more, take 20 or even 30,000 IUs.And then also, you can take more B12. But just make sure that that form of B12 is not in the synthetic form, which is called cyanocobalamin. You want the methylcobalamin, which actually you'd want to take it with like folate and B6 as well.

And you can find that. But yeah, there's a lot of genetic issues that prevent people from absorbing nutrients. That's on top of all the other issues like malabsorption in your gut, or maybe low stomach acid. We want to increase absorption, and I think the solution is just to take more of it. That would simply override any type of resistance, especially to your receptors for vitamin D. Even if you have a chronic infection going on in your body, those microbes are very sneaky, and they tend to downgrade your receptors, especially for vitamin D, as their strategy, because they know that's part of your immune system. So the way to solve it is to take more.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:12 PM