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What could cause sensitive blotches on the legs?

That's usually related to the blood sugar issue, you see that a lot in diabetics, because we're getting poor circulation, and then the circulation shows up as a lack of blood flow to the capillaries, and so you see a lot of purple and bluish, brownish dots, and a lot of circulation issues in the extremities. This also happens with the circulation that goes to the nerve too. This is why you end up with a peripheral neuropathy which is kind of the nerves start causing tingling, burning, numbness in the bottom of the feet, and then the hands. It's such an easy thing to fix, you just change the diet, get the sugar out, start doing intermittent fasting, and that'll clear right up. Depending of course how much damage is there, but I've seen it clear up very nicely.

Last updated: Apr 04, 2024 14:26 PM