Hair Formula

What do I do before coloring my hair?

There are over 5, 000 chemicals used on your body because the surface of our skin is like a sponge that could absorb a lot of chemicals. Make sure to use organic products that have a lot less toxic.

Cumulative Effect

• Ammonia

• Parabens

• PPDs

• Toluene

• Formaldehyde Chemicals Increase Risk for Cancer

• Follicular Lymphoma

• Chronic Lymphocyte

Leukemia Grey Hair – as we age, we lose certain antioxidants in the body and we have excessive oxidants (like hydrogen peroxide).

Here’s a list what you may consider taking for this condition:

• Catalase

• Glutathione

• Selenium

• Coconut Oil

Last updated: Mar 18, 2023 23:18 PM