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What do I do if I don't feel satisfied after eating on Keto?

There are usually two reasons. Either you’re still having a problem with insulin resistance, or you have a gallbladder issue and aren’t releasing enough bile. If it’s low bile, my gallbladder formula may help.

Typically, though, people have a problem with insulin resistance. With insulin resistance, insulin isn’t connecting to the cell, and you’re unable to absorb nutrients, amino acids, and fuel. You might have to give it more time, but let’s make sure you’re doing keto correctly. You need a lot of vegetables. You don’t want to add carbs, or too much protein, because otherwise, you’ll prolong the insulin resistance.

But you can increase your fat intake. I love pecans; they’re the fattiest nut. Take a handful, and another if you need to until you feel satisfied. Nut butters are great with celery or maybe even carrots. The cheese is good too. Brie is a fatty cheese that will help satisfy you.

Apple cider vinegar is good to consume with a meal. It will help with insulin resistance. I like to consume salad or vegetables first, then protein, then fat. Mainly, give keto and intermittent fasting more time. If you have had a big problem with insulin resistance, it will take a while to heal it. As you do keto correctly, and give it more time, you’re going to start feeling more satisfied. I know keto and intermittent fasting will help you, which is why I urge you to be patient in order to get the outcome you want.

Last updated: Jan 23, 2023 01:37 AM