Intermittent Fasting

What do I do if I'm constipated when fasting?

When you are eating less food less frequently, you don’t need to go as often. He also talk about the difference between having constipation and less bowel movements.

Can intermittent fasting affect your bowel movement?

Yes. When you eat less food, less frequently, you don’t need to go as often.

What is the difference between constipation and less bowel movement?

Constipation is when you feel you’re bloated and backed up. You need to go, but you can’t go. It’s probably because of consuming too many vegetables or not enough vegetables. Less bowel movement: you don’t need to go, you just don’t go as frequently.

Which remedies can help with constipation and bowel movement?

Vegetables are the fuel of the GIT microbiota. Consuming them improves your digestion and constipation.

In case you’re eating too many vegetables and having constipation: you may not have much microbiota to digest the fibers. Try to change the type of vegetables you’re eating. Steamed and fermented vegetables do better.

Common Causes of Constipation:

1. Consuming too many vegetables / or not enough vegetables

2. Gallbladder Problem – Congested Gallbladder

Last updated: Jan 28, 2023 01:11 AM