Natural Remedies

What do I do if I'm too exhausted to even fall asleep?

While some people have too much energy to fall asleep, others are actually too tired to fall asleep. It takes a healthy amount of energy in your energy factories, your mitochondria, to sleep well. The organs that have the most mitochondria are your heart and brain. This means that both of these organs need a lot of oxygen to function properly. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to increase oxygen into the mitochondria in the brain to help you fall asleep fast and have a good night’s sleep. There is also, essentially, a clock in your brain that tells you when to sleep and when to wake up—we need to get this clock to work better.

How to sleep better at night:

• Exercise

• Consume vitamin B1 before bed

• Sleep with the window open

• Put plants in your room

• Consume CoQ10

• Take methylene blue

• Use dim lights after sunset

• Replace certain lights in your house with incandescent lights

• Avoid blue light before bed

• Use red lights

• Use the light from a fireplace if possible

• Use blue blockers

• Don’t consume any food 5 hours before bed

• Take vitamin D3 while traveling

• Go to bed before midnight (around 10 pm works for many people)

Last updated: Dec 15, 2023 15:23 PM