Natural Remedies

What do you recommend for rebuilding cartilage in the knees?

Usually it's not just a lot of lack of collagen. It's not silica is a really good remedy to build up collagen. It's a mineral that stimulates the growth of collagen. This is why when you take silica your nails, your hair, your joints, your ligaments and tendons do very well. But just as important as that is the type of exercise you need. I interviewed Ben Patrick, who they call him the knees over toe guy. It's incredible exercises for your knees by walking backwards and pulling a sled backwards and doing exercise backwards. And I'm doing it. It's amazing what it does to your knees and your back. He's taking people that had surgery or needed surgery to now they're playing basketball. It's a really good program for the knees.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:15 PM