Weight Loss

What does belly fat mean?

For you to have a big belly, you first have to have a fatty liver.  The liver becomes fatty due to consuming too many carbs, which turn to fat in the liver and around the organs. Eventually, the fat from the liver will spill over into other organs. All of this comes from a high-carb diet as well as frequent eating. 

In many cases, people don't associate their belly fat with any other health problems. At least, initially. They may not even see a high blood sugar problem for a few decades. This is because insulin is taking care of the blood sugar levels. But, doctors don't typically test insulin levels, so they won't see that your insulin is too high and is leading to a blood sugar problem. 

You probably won't know you have a fatty liver. You'll just see that you have a large belly. But, as the years go on, you can develop diabetes.  The deeper cause of insulin resistance is really a fatty liver. The liver can't function right, and everything starts backing up. But, a high-carb diet is what's really behind all of this. 

Other symptoms of high blood sugar and high insulin:

• Frequent urination 

• Fatigue 

• Sleep apnea 

• A weakened immune system 

• Arthritis 

• Cravings 

• Metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver diabetes type 2) 

All of these things, plus the belly fat, are coming from the same things: a high carb diet, high blood glucose, and high insulin. But, the good news is that the Healthy Keto diet and intermittent fasting may help. 

Last updated: Feb 14, 2024 15:49 PM