Blood Sugar Support Advanced Formula

What does you face tell you about blood sugar levels?

7 things your face says about your health:

1. The shape of the face If someone has a round face, they have too much insulin and consume too many carbs. I was also storing a lot of water because, with every gram of glucose stored as glycogen, three grams of water are stored.

2. The tissue around the eyes Puffiness under the eyes is a good indication that the kidneys are backed up because of too much fluid retention.

3. The eyes Bloodshot eyes can indicate a liver problem. This could also be due to a lack of sleep or a deficiency of vitamins B2 and B3. But, usually, it's a liver problem.

4. Under the chin Fat under the chin is due to a spill-off of accumulated fat. This doesn't just affect how you look. It can cause certain issues like sleep apnea.

5. The texture of the skin Oily skin can mean the person has a zinc deficiency. It could also mean they have high androgens due to high insulin.

6. Dry flaky skin Dry, flaky skin could be due to a liver issue and/or too much omega-6 fatty acids. Cod liver oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Because of this, cod liver oil may help with dry, flaky skin and oily skin.

7. Acne Acne can come from high androgens, which is really too much insulin. Zinc and a change in diet (to Healthy keto) may be beneficial.

Last updated: Feb 02, 2023 02:20 AM