Natural Remedies

What else is good for sleep apnea?

Taking/eating garlic before bed is great for sleep apnea. Garlic in a pill form is a good idea, so you don’t experience indigestion.

Here are 7 reasons why garlic can benefit your sleep.

1. Garlic helps regular your blood pressure. By taking garlic, you can help lower high blood pressure levels. In turn, this may help you sleep much better.

2. Garlic is a natural analgesic. Analgesics are things that help relieve pain.

3. Garlic is naturally anti-fungal. Fungi can live in your sinuses, causing irritation and inflammation. In turn, this restricts your ability to breathe. Consuming garlic may help fight off inflammation-causing fungi.

4. Garlic can help your lungs. If you have difficulty breathing, taking garlic may help support healthy breathing.

5. Garlic is a natural anti-microbial. This means it can help fight off bacteria and other microbes that cause inflammation in your lungs and sinuses. Inflammation can restrict your breathing, which may contribute to sleep apnea.

6. Fewer microbes also means less cortisol. Cortisol—also known as the “stress hormone”—is not good for quality sleep.

7. Garlic helps improve your circulation. In turn, this promotes a relaxed state, which is better for sleep.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:11 PM