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What exercise burn the most fat?

HIIT exercises are high-intensity, short-duration exercises that produce a high spike in growth hormone and many other benefits. It also takes less time to do HIIT than other types of workouts.  Typically, when you do HIIT, you’re doing it for about 30-60 seconds and resting 1-5 minutes. You do this 3-7 times per workout, and you might only do HIIT 1-3 times per week.  Intensity is the key factor in exercise that stimulates muscle growth and growth hormone. But, if you don’t recover from the intense exercise, your results won’t be as good. 

Before you do HIIT, try my test to check your ability to recover. This can help tell you if you should do HIIT exercises. The recovery period is very important to pay attention to. You may even need to give yourself extra rest, especially when you first start out, to get your pulse rate down close to where it is in a resting state before starting another HIIT interval. 

HIIT cautions:

• Don’t overtrain 

• Don’t do HIIT if you have injuries 

• Don’t do HIIT if you have poor recovery 

• Don’t do HIIT if you have heart problems 

Great HIIT exercises:

• Plyometrics 

• Jump rope 

• Burpees 

• Kickboxing 

• Spin bike 

• Kettlebell 

• Bulgarian bag 

• Crossfit 

• Cross-country skiing 

• Push-ups/sit-ups 

• Jumping jacks 

• Mountain climbers

The #1 best HIIT exercise: ***Sprinting 

How to sprint to burn fat:

• Sprint as fast as you can 

• Sprint for a very short duration (15-30 seconds) 

• Rest for 2-4 minutes 

• Do 4-6 sprints in a workout 

• Do this twice per week 

Last updated: Feb 05, 2024 15:50 PM