Trouble with Keto?

What if my cravings and hunger are NOT going away with keto and fasting?

If you’re following the exact Healthy Keto® plan, your cravings will go down to zero and your hunger will go down to zero. When you’re doing the right program, your body will be converted 100% to the state of ketosis.

If you’re hungry or craving something, think back to what you ate yesterday. Was there anything you ate that you shouldn’t have? Did you eat “keto-friendly” foods that have maltodextrin or tapioca? Even fruit or dates could create hunger and cravings the next day.

The cause behind cravings on keto or hunger while fasting is almost always that the person had too many carbs the day before. If you stay consistent each day, your hunger and cravings will go down.

A few more things that could cause hunger and cravings on keto:

  • Stress

  • Poor sleep

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023 23:17 PM