Natural Remedies

What is a good alternative to Accutane?

I think what I would do, obviously stop taking it, but realize what that will do to the rest of your your vitamins and minerals. It kind of throws off the whole thing. So I would get on the healthy version of keto right immediately and then start consuming things that have a good source of nutrients, especially the fat soluble nutrients. You do trace minerals, certain foods that are nutrient dense, and you probably have to add some as well. And slowly put yourself back into place because you just took this pretty. The side effects are just off the charts. But if you clean up your diet, you will find that your acne probably won't even be there in the first place. So I wish I would have known what I know now back when I was had bad acne, terrible in high school.

Last updated: Mar 04, 2024 16:02 PM