Keto Food Questions

What is a good keto breakfast?

If you do have breakfast, try to have more of a protein-packed breakfast, like eggs and bacon. But consuming breakfast isn’t recommended.

After dinner, it’s best to fast all night. During this time, your body is burning fat. Why break the fast if you’re not hungry? There are a ton of benefits in fasting, including weight loss.

When you eat, you trigger insulin and you slow down the metabolism. The goal is to lower the insulin to heal the metabolism. When insulin goes up, you will not burn fat. When insulin is down, you burn fat.

Reasons to skip breakfast:

  • Slows metabolism (fat burning)

  • Breaks fasting – eating stimulates insulin

  • Typical high-carb breakfast foods cause hunger after 90 minutes of eating and also cause night cravings

Last updated: Apr 06, 2023 03:38 AM