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What is a good regimen for someone with gastritis and acid reflux?

I think you might be able to tolerate more cabbage-type things, cabbage juice, cabbage itself, steamed cabbage, cooked cabbage, maybe some sauerkraut, maybe not because it has that acidic-type thing, coleslaw. Cabbage has a unique nutrient in it that is good for gastritis and ulcers, not to say you don't have an ulcer but that could help. Also, zinc carnosine is the remedy that I would start taking immediately, and you may also greatly benefit from doing carnivore for a little while as well and maybe a carnivore with cabbage because it'll actually start healing the gut.

There could be also H. pylori involved in this situation which makes your stomach more alkaline so it can survive but the zinc carnosine will help. You want to heal the stomach first and also the microbiome too. A good probiotic is going to be important. Then, once it's healed then you want to acidify it but not now because you're producing too much acid.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 14:57 PM