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What is acupressure good for?

Acupressure is a form of massage that helps release stress from the body. It “magically” results in reducing pain and inflammation and in relaxing the body. You can get help from someone or you can do it by yourself with Dr. Berg’s acupressure device.

Acupressure is the application of pressure (as with the thumbs or fingertips) to the same discrete points on the body that are stimulated in acupuncture. It is used for similar therapeutic effects (for example the relief of tension or pain) but without the needles.


  • Stress relief

  • Sleep improvement

  • Pain relief

  • Lowering inflammation

  • Can help with congested sinuses

  • Can help with hoarse voice

  • Has numerous methods of application

How to do it

Acupressure has numerous ways in which it can be applied. Dr. Eric Berg has many videos
on this subject in which he demonstrates simple procedures for instant relief. You can watch the above videos so you get the concept of how to do acupressure correctly.

There are two places Dr. Berg likes to work on for relieving stress. The first is the back of the neck, and the second is in the abdomen area around your adrenal glands.

The back of the neck is like an on/off switch for sleep. Applying pressure there will help relieve stress tension, so you fall asleep much more quickly. It’s like instant stress relief.

The abdomen massage works really well to release stress that may be built up in the body and in your adrenals. When you massage your abdomen area, you can help slow down the release of cortisol; doing this will help you feel rejuvenated after a full night of sleep.

You can apply acupressure on your gallbladder and liver if you have a headache, right shoulder pain, or general pain in the top right side of the body. This is because your liver is connected to the nerve that extends to the top right side of the body. Doing acupressure on your liver or gallbladder will also help lower inflammation and release stress in them.

If you have a pain in a certain part of the body, you can apply pressure to the place in the body exactly opposite to the pain epicenter. Let’s say you have pain in your low back. You can locate the point in your abdomen that is exactly opposite to the most painful point in the low back. Apply pressure to that point in the abdomen and it should work like magic in reducing back pain.

Or if you have pain in your left leg, you can locate the point of the most pain and apply the pressure to the opposite leg at that same point. Usually there will be some tenderness on the opposite side of the body. Apply pressure to that point on your opposite leg and you should experience relief and reduction in the left leg pain.

These are not all of the ways for you to benefit from acupressure. You can watch Dr. Berg videos to find additional ways to apply pressure to help relieve stress and pain in certain areas of your body.

Acupressure massage tool

You can get Dr. Berg’s acupressure device so you can do acupressure by yourself. It comes with a PDF file on how to apply it for best results.

  • Relieves whole-body stress

  • Supports your normal sleep cycles

  • Supports vitality and a better mood

  • Simple step-by-step techniques included

  • Stress relief similar to visiting a chiropractor

Last updated: May 31, 2023 14:05 PM