Natural Remedies

What is an antioxidant network?

A free radical is an atom with an unpaired electron and could create a lot of damage inside the body. While an antioxidant is an atom that has a paired electron, it's stable and balanced and it also donates one of its electrons to make the free radical stable.

Examples of Free Radicals and Oxidants:

• Iron – In some of the enriched food

• Radiation

• Sugar – Large quantities of sugar destroy the body

• Chemicals / Pollution / Smoking

• Vegetable Oils – It can act as an oxidant and create free radicals


• Vitamin E

• Vitamin C

• Zinc – Oysters, Seafood, Lobster

• Selenium – Brazil nuts

• Vitamin B1 – Leafy Greens

• Lipoic acid – it’s a fat-soluble and has the ability to penetrate into the cell and protect the cells at different locations

• Uric acid – help clean out damage from various things

Last updated: Aug 16, 2023 14:15 PM