Natural Remedies

What is an effective recovery for singers?

It all has to do with an acupressure technique that will help you improve and fine-tune your vocal cords. This will in turn help improve laryngitis, a sore throat, and hoarseness in the vocal cords. If you’re a singer, this video is for you.

Viruses can come out of remission when you’re stressed and can lodge into the vocal cords, causing them to shut down. You can’t kill a virus because it’s not alive. A virus goes in and out of remission, depending on the state of your health or stress level. There’s always an earlier stress event that causes a weakened immune system and leads to problems with the vocal cords.

We’re going to remove the stuck stress that lodges in the throat. If you ever have laryngitis or a sore throat, this “singer’s cure” should give you some relief in only about 2 minutes. Watch the video for an in-depth demonstration of this unique acupressure technique. You can have someone do this technique on you, or you can use my Self Massage Tool for this sore throat remedy. This laryngitis remedy does not cure the virus. It helps to remove the blockage by working on the opposite side of the blockage.

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:00 PM