Nerve Support with Benfotiamine

What is autonomic neuropathy?

Neuropathy means nerve damage. With autonomic, we’re dealing with a part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system, which controls things automatically. It works on its own. 

The #1 cause of autonomic neuropathy is diabetes. But, you don’t end up with diabetes overnight. It’s a gradual condition that starts with high insulin, which leads to insulin resistance, then prediabetes, and finally, diabetes. Autonomic neuropathy is also a condition that gradually occurs. You could have one or more symptoms, which are really the beginning of this condition. 

Symptoms of autonomic neuropathy:

1. Urinary retention 

2. Hypertension

3. Abdominal pain 

4. Malabsorption 

5. Gastroparesis 

6. Constipation

7. Sleep apnea 

8. Abnormal sweating 

9. Orthostatic hypotension (POTS) 

10. Arrhythmias 

What you could do about autonomic neuropathy:

1. Benfotiamine 

2. Alpha-lipoic acid  + Keto and intermittent fasting 

Last updated: Jun 10, 2024 17:48 PM