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What is Dandruff and How Do I Eliminate and Prevent It?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition that results in scaling and flaking. The most common treatment for dandruff is an anti-dandruff shampoo, such as Head and Shoulders, which contains specific anti-fungal and antibacterial agents. However, it's important to note that this chemical has been banned in Europe due to its potential toxicity to the reproductive organs of a person.

There is a particular fungus that’s behind dandruff called Malassezia. In this situation, this fungus, a part of the normal flora on the skin, has morphed overgrown.

The real root cause of dandruff is an imbalance in the scalp microflora, causing inflammation and an immune reaction. Antibiotics can lead to this imbalance—killing bacteria that keep unfriendly microbes in check and allowing them to overgrow and cause problems.

The best remedy for dandruff:

Mix 1 tsp of the liquid from kimchi in 1 cup of water.

Apply this mixture to your scalp after shampooing your hair in the shower.

After 15 minutes, rinse the mixture from your scalp.

Another great remedy for dandruff is a mixture of 2 tsp of olive oil mixed with 1/2 tsp of coconut oil, applied to the scalp before bed and washed out in the morning.

Other dandruff remedies include:

 • Diluted tea tree oil

 • Diluted garlic oil

 • Diluted oregano oil

To eliminate dandruff, you must change your shampoo and conditioner to natural versions and use a water filter in your shower.

One of the best ways to eliminate dandruff is to fix your diet.  Adopt a low-carb, high-healthy fat diet that includes probiotic-rich foods while cutting down on sugar and omega-6 oils.

Here is a great video on the topic of ridding dandruff.

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