Nerve Support with Benfotiamine

What is Flight or Fight mechanism?

There is a system in the body called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This system is the system behind all other systems. It regulates on and off functions. It’s automatic or involuntary. It works on autopilot.

There are two divisions of the autonomic nervous system:

The sympathetic nervous system - This is the “on switch.” This is the fight or flight mechanism. This is the body’s ability to react to stress. This system runs on adrenaline or other hormones that activate or turn things on.

The parasympathetic nervous system - This is the “off switch.” This system has to do with rest, sleep, and digestion. You can’t digest or reproduce in a stress state. This system helps relax and calm you down.

There is a test that can be done to measure both of these symptoms called the heart rate variability test (HRV). If you are too far on the side of the sympathetic nervous system, you may have problems with irritability, sleep, relaxation, and metabolism. If you are too far on the side of the parasympathetic nervous system, you may feel like you’re lazy or have no get up and go. The HRV test can help you determine where you’re body is at and what exercise you need.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2023 04:35 AM