Natural Remedies

What is glucagon?

Glucagon is a hormone that opposes insulin. Glucagon turns the switch on for ketosis (the state of fat burning). It releases stored sugar and fat. It is a fat-burning hormone that helps keep the blood sugar where it needs to be.

What you should know is that insulin is a dominating hormone. In the presence of insulin, glucagon will be lowered. High sugar in the diet and insulin will both inhibit glucagon.


  1. Burns fat

  2. Increases energy

  3. Supports blood sugar

What triggers glucagon

  1. Low blood glucose

  2. Low insulin

  3. Adrenalin

  4. Fasting

  5. Amino acids (moderate amount)

  6. Exercise—the more exhausting it is, the more the triggering, up to 4 or 5x more

Last updated: Jul 10, 2024 15:25 PM