Where Do I Start?

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is a condition where your cells are resisting insulin. This is to compensate for having too much. It is caused by a high-carb, high-sugar diet over a long period of time. Additionally, if you snack frequently it will cause insulin to go high.

Insulin allows your cells to absorb needed minerals and nutrients. The problem with insulin lies in your diet: if your blood sugar spikes often, your pancreas will produce more and more insulin to lower it. Eventually, your cells become resistant to insulin – and still more insulin will have to be produced to overcome the resistance so your cells get their nutrients. The problem is high insulin is just as bad as high levels of blood sugar.

When people have insulin resistance they have a lot of inflammation in the body. With this condition, your pancreas produces 5 to 8 times more insulin than it should.

Last updated: Jan 19, 2024 15:11 PM