Natural Remedies

What is the best natural remedy for an ulcer?

Cabbage. What's in cabbage? Cabbage has a very unique sulfur based compound that. Actually kills H. pylori this microbe that is involved in a large percentage of ulcers. It's fascinating that it won't kill the good bacteria, but it kills this other pathogenic form of H. pylori. Now, most a lot of people have H. pylori, but it's inactive or it's not pathogenic. But there's something that occurs that I might be. But cabbage, cabbage juice, you can steam it. You're still going to retain like 97% of that compound. If you overcook it, that's not going to work. And if you ferment it as in sauerkraut, you can actually still get some great benefits. It's not quite as potent, but you get the benefits of all the other probiotics in sauerkraut. So you probably wouldn't want to do apple cider vinegar because that's going to burn you more.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2024 14:05 PM