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What is the best vitamin for migraines?

Riboflavin B2. Other than B2. These migraines over 50% of them do involve genetics and something going on with the mitochondria.Especially with B2 because B2 is needed in the mitochondria to help you exchange energy and actually make energy. And so apparently in a person with migraines, they get this dysfunctional hypo functioning mitochondria that turns into a hyper excitable neuron. B2 in higher amounts, 400 milligrams tend to produce some good results in the majority of people.

There's also sea salt and also another thing that I found that works because there's a lot of free radical damage when you get migraines. Take some type of antioxidant herb whether it's ginger or turmeric, that seems to help as well.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2024 18:49 PM