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What is the cause for right-sided abdominal pain and what can I do to remedy it?

Right-sided abdominal pain, commonly liver/gallbladder issues

Liver and gallbladder issues (including gallstones) can be the cause of abdominal pain. For example, high cholesterol can be one of the reasons for gallstones, and they cause abdominal pain that can also radiate to the back and any area on the right above your liver, including your head. Usually this condition is caused by lack of bile, the digestive liquid that breaks down the fats.


  1. Take purified bile salts

  2. Increase fat intake

  3. Do Healthy Keto®

  4. Intermittent fasting

  5. Avoid soy protein

  6. Avoid protein powders

  7. Avoid vegetable oils

  8. Avoid eating carbs

If you have high estrogen, this will cause gallstones. If that’s the cause--do the following:

  1. Avoid dairy

  2. Take DIM supplements (natural estrogen blockers)

  3. Eat DIM-rich foods:

    • broccoli

    • cauliflower

    • kale

    • Brussels sprouts

    • collard greens

    • mustard greens

    • bok choy

Last updated: Dec 23, 2023 15:13 PM