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What is the cause of heart palpitations?

Palpitations are either a skipped heartbeat, an extra pounding, or a speeding up of your heart rate. The rhythm of the heart is controlled by electrolytes (potassium, magnesium sodium, and calcium).

You can be deficient in these minerals if you omit them from the diet like not eating enough vegetables. You can also have insulin resistance and thereby not absorb electrolytes and develop palpitations. Insulin resistance also forces the body to make more insulin because it's now resistant. This is another reason why you see palpitations as a side effect of taking insulin. Or you can have low stomach acid and not absorb minerals. It takes an acidic stomach to absorb minerals. When you are low in stomach acids, you then get acid reflux (heart burning or GERD), and in fact, palpitations are one of the associative symptoms of having acid reflux and now you know why.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2024 15:35 PM