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What is the difference between insulin resistance and prediabetes?

Insulin resistance comes before pre-diabetes and during pre-diabetes and after diabetes and pre-diabetes into the actual diabetes, but it's a condition that causes pre-diabetes. If you look at what pre-diabetes really is you're just starting to lose the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin it's becoming tired. So now we have a lessening of the push down of the blood sugar.

So we have higher blood glucose and then that gets worse with time. And then you become a full blown diabetic where now we really have higher sugar. But before that, you can have insulin resistance for five to 10, 20 years and have normal blood sugars.

Why? Because you have this massive production of insulin and the pancreas working hard to push all that sugar that you're eating and carbs down to normal. And then the body's going to protect itself and resist that going deep into the cells. It's an actual causation versus the pre-diabetes is a symptom that's caused by this causation of insulin resistance.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 17:01 PM