Keto Diet Facts & Tips

What is the difference between keto and Atkins?

Here are some of the characteristics of the Atkins diet:

1. The Atkins diet only recommends 1 to 3 cups of vegetables per day. This is way too low; it can cause a fatty liver.

2. If you are not hungry, add a protein snack – bad advice because this will stimulate insulin. Protein does increase insulin, which will then cause a lowering of the blood sugars, making you hungry again.

3. Atkins recommends artificial sweeteners as okay – but most will trigger insulin.

4. The Atkins diet gives the option of 5 small meals a day. These will trigger insulin release 5 times, knocking you out of fat burning.

5. Atkins also recommends that you not skip a meal – bad advice because eating in general stimulates insulin. If you’re fasting and burning fat and not hungry why not skip a meal? Your body will then eat its own fat. What do you think you do when you eat breakfast? – You have been fasting all night and you break the fast by eating, hence the name “break-fast.”

6. The Atkins diet does not put a limit on protein – another bad idea because excess protein blocks fat burning.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:48 PM